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Something we love about our company Red Rhino Creative, is that although we have the vision, work ethic and drive of a large-scale company, we are actually a small business of two - and we love it.

Red Rhino's roots were planted back in 2013 when we (Harley and Amanda Marcel) began a very small, vintage furniture refinishing shop in downtown Orlando called Red Rhino Revamp, which morphed shortly thereafter into Red Rhino Reclaim when we began to receive an overwhelming amount of requests for reclaimed wood walls like the one we'd casually installed for ourselves in our shop.

Years later, we are a thriving Florida-based, small business that continues to grow outwards in creative directions, exploring our talents and curiosities, and loving to opportunity to work with those who share our passion for beautifying their spaces and environments.

We look forward to working with you one-on-one and offering you a tailored experience of customizing your style and surroundings.


with You in Mind

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salvaged wall

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White Washed Wood

INFO | & contact


"Do you offer on-site consultations?"

Yes! We are happy to offer free, in-home/on-site consultations for those considering projects with us. We do, however, have to limit free consultations to the Orlando area. Consultations are a great way to help us get a clear idea of your project, get precise measurements, as well as provide you with samples of the finishes you are considering for your project. How much or how little natural light the project space gets, as well as wall color and surrounding decor, can effect the overall appearance of finishes.

"If I'm not available or too far outside the Orlando area for a consultation, can I still get samples?"

Of course! We offer full sample packs (which you can order on our Finishes page). You will only be charged for the shipping fee, which we are happy to reimburse when you schedule your project with us (charge will be deducted from your remaining balance.) We will collect the samples from you after completion of your project so that we may recycle and reuse them!


"Do you charge a deposit?"

We do charge a deposit once you've viewed and approved your project proposal. The balance of your total project cost will not be due until the day of installation, upon completion. Your deposit covers the preparation and finishing of your project's material and locks in your installation date.

"What is your refund policy?"

Because we sort, bundle and apply finishes specific to your project's details prior to installation, we do require requests for refunds to be submitted at least 1 week prior to your installation date. Refunds are only available on deposits.


"How do I schedule my project?"

We schedule projects based on our first availability. We do tend to book up anywhere from 1-3 weeks in advance, so upon receiving your project proposal, we will book your installation tentatively for an agreed upon date. Once your deposit clears, your date is solidified on our schedule.

"Can inclement weather effect my project's installation?"

We try our best to take every precaution to avoid interruptions due to bad weather, however, we take safety very seriously and will stop when it is necessary. We can resume as soon as it is safe to do so, given that we work with several electric power tools and must protect your project's material from moisture. We check weather forecasts prior to your installation and do all we can to prepare a plan that will allow us to work around Mother Nature.

"What do I need to do to get ready for installation?"

We typically only ask that any furniture and decor near the installation wall be moved away, as we need at least 5 feet of clearance from the face of the wall. Wall-mounted TV's should be removed (actual mount & hardware can stay in place), and any devices plugged into outlets should also be cleared if possible. 

*Helpful Tip: Consider if your project wall's outlets are used for your modem or router, as you will likely want to temporarily plug them in elsewhere so that you can stay connected during installation!

"Will I need to crate/put away my pets?"

We are pet friendly! However, a couple of things to consider might be if your pet is afraid of loud noises or if they are prone to escaping the house, as we do come in and out quite a lot during the installation process.