the sleeker alternative

FauxClaim is the perfect, sleeker alternative to our reclaimed wood walls and projects. This new lumber is aged, finished and beautifully conditioned to mimic the character of old lumber, while instituting cleaner lines to fit into a modern setting.


While our Reclaimed Wood comes in a variety of mixed thicknesses and sizes which creates a very rustic, dimensional look, FauxClaim planks are all the same face-height and the same thickness. Removing these variables results in a much more uniform appearance while maintaining all the richness and character our Reclaimed Wood possesses.

Another fantastic feature of FauxClaim is texture - or lack thereof. While the facade of our FauxClaim planks contain plenty of beautiful wood grain, knots and patterns, the planks are smooth to the touch, making it ideal for spaces in which contact with the accent wall might be likely, especially for children's rooms or nurseries. The smooth texture also makes FauxClaim a wonderful candidate for backsplashes, as they are easily cleanable.

Hand-finished in-house, plank-by-plank and completely customizable, our sleeker alternative to Reclaimed Wood has arrived.


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