DIY & Consumer Material

Sourcing + Supply

Our wood and projects come from recycled wooden pallets, American barns, and other sources. We collect a large variety of wood to provide clients with a beautiful mixture of tones & textures, and are proud to recycle and repurpose this beautiful wood source to bring you an affordable design element.

We aim to preserve the beautiful characteristics that our old, aged wood materials possess, carefully making cuts and corrections that will ensure the best possible fit for builds and installations. Additionally, we save every piece of wood we cut for future use in other projects if possible, wasting as little material as possible.

DIY + Consumer Material

Affordable reclaimed wood and material can be a challenge to find on the consumer level, which is why we proudly offer our own supply for those looking to take on DIY projects or provide to their contractor.

Big or small project, we have no minimum purchase requirement, and can provide you with a variety of finishes, starting at just $3.50/sqft. With the DIY'er in mind, we even sort and bundle your material in a way that will make your project a smooth, simple & enjoyable process.

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