with You in Mind

Bringing you simple accent styles that are guided + inspired by natural tones + textures, for installations that fit your style.

We'll bring the perfect touch to your space.

salvaged wood
salvaged wood wall
salvaged wall

rough sewn wood
antique wood
textured wood

orlando reclaimed wood
orlando reclaim
tampa reclaimed wood
tampa reclaim
miami reclaimed wood
miami reclaim


westelm reclaimed
lowes reclaimed



reclaimed wood


orlando reclaimed



chip and joanna

chip and joanna gaines


pallet wood

pallet walls

accent wall

faux beams

wood beams


barn wood

barn door


salvaged wood


old growth


orlando lumber


ship lap

wall covering

reclaimed wood 
reclaimed wood wall
reclaimed wall
reclaim wood
reclaim wood wall
reclaim wall
pallet wood
pallet wood wall
pallet wall
rustic wood
rustic wood wall
rustic wall
barn wood
barn wood wall
barnwood wall

BEAMS | mantels

Designed with a sense of character in mind, our faux beams are unique, light-weight & meticulously crafted & detailed by hand. From ceiling beams to shelves, mantels & beyond, our faux beams can be installed quickly & trusted to showcase your own sense of style for years to come.

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ACCENT | walls

Our wood accent walls bring a touch of comfort & character to your surroundings with an array of natural textures and raw dimension. With a variety of reclaimed woods, new lumber and finish options, your perfect accent is within reach.

BARN | doors

We proudly provide ready-to-hang barn doors in our custom, hand-finished materials.

Beauty + function come together in perfect balance - Because we know there is no 'one size fits all' solution to barn doors, we build each door to order with all the custom specs in mind and with attention to every detail.

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SOURCE | supply

Affordable wood wall cladding and material can be a challenge to find on the consumer level, which is why we gladly offer our own supply to those looking to take on DIY projects or to provide to their contractor.

Projects big + small, we have no minimum purchase requirement and can provide you with a variety of wood types and finishes.

QUOTES | consultations

We gladly offer each potential client with a personalized, on-site consultation to discuss project details, review finishes, and provide detailed estimates, time frames & scheduling.

Simply perusing possibilities? Just some basic information regarding your project is all you need + we can provide you with a quick, easy-to-understand quote to help you plan your project to fit your budget.